5 Ways to Use Immersive Writing to Keep Your Readers Hooked

What's your favorite book? Is it the Harry Potter series? A Stephen King novel? What about a children's book that takes you back to yesteryear?

Some stories grab hold of us and just don't let go. We laugh and cry and our palms get sweaty and we feel as if we're living these stories. These are the ones that become our favorites. Sometimes we don't like the endings. They may even make us angry, but we still end up loving them anyway (hello My Sister's Keeper...you ripped my heart out but I still love you).

Eyes tired? Watch my video below to give those eyeballs a rest!

What is it that makes these stories so unflinchingly lovable?

They put us right in the thick of the story. We feel like we're living these stories because the author has taken steps to make sure we're fully captivated. We forget that it's words on a page that another human being has written. We forget that hundreds of other people could be reading the story at that very moment. It's our story. Just us and the characters and their world.

We're all in.

Talk about writing goals, right?

Immersing your reader is different than just hooking them, it's keeping them hooked. These tips should be used throughout your novel to help keep the reader plugging along and, hopefully, evoke some kind of emotional response. Preferably one that doesn't involve you getting hate mail.

To help you get there, I've compiled 5 methods I've learned to help you immerse your readers in your story. If you want to be just as good as your favorite authors one day, then read on!

(Don't judge me for being tempted to say "Use the Force.")