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How to Format a Children's Book in InDesign



Do you want to format a children’s book all on your own? You’re in the right place! InDesign is a powerhouse for formatting books, but can it be intimidating to new users. This course breaks down every step you need to go from loose illustration and text files to a polished and professional children’s book. What you’ll learn in this course: • How to correctly size your interior file, including bleed (and what that means!) • The resolution required for your illustrations • Importing tips for text and images and how to speed up your formatting • Where to find commercial fonts to give your book a custom look! • Advanced text and image effects • How to convert your interior into a fixed-layout children’s Ebook • Export settings so your file is ready to upload You’ll be creating: • Your book! By the end of this course you’ll be able to format all of your own children’s books in InDesign. Who is this class for? Anyone looking to format and typeset a children’s book in InDesign–from beginners to more advanced users. This course is broken down into bite-sized pieces with an absolute beginner in mind. Someone who’s never even opened InDesign before will still have beautiful ebook and print files ready to upload and publish! No need to worry about hiring a book designer anymore. Take control of your book’s layout and do it yourself with the help of this course :)

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