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Premade Covers

How it works:

  1. Choose a premade you're interested in

  2. Fill in the below form, making sure to enter the correct cover code

  3. I'll contact you with payment details and make any necessary changes to the cover

  4. Once the cover is finalized, all cover files will be sent to you

Optional extras:

  • Paperback design - $50

  • Hardcover design - $30

  • Audiobook design - $30

Note: if there are other extras you would like that are not listed above, include this information in the "optional extras" box in the form below!

More info:

The premade cover is to be paid in full upfront. Changes made to that cover will be limited to minor color adjustments, title and author text, subtitles, taglines, author accolades and minor element adjustments as needed to suit those changes. Once the final cover is approved, I will send you the final high-res ebook cover, 3D rendering and a png for the title image. If additional services are requested and paid for in full upfront, those services will begin upon approval of the final cover. An initial draft of the print or audiobook cover is usually sent within a week of final ebook cover approval. Print and audiobook services for a premade cover will be rendered in the same manner as custom covers. See terms & conditions for more info.

Premade middle grade book cover


CODE: 352

premade urban fantasy book cover


CODE: 246

premade fantasy book cover


CODE: 198

Premade Not Waiting Anymore.jpg
Premade Blood and Roses.jpg


CODE: 587


CODE: 326

Let's get some more information!

First, you've read the terms and conditions, right?


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