11 Podcasts to Improve Your Author Business

I. Love. Podcasts.

I listen to them while I'm cleaning, while I'm driving, while I'm walking, while I'm working on DIY projects. There's a podcast for EVERY topic out there, and the ones I love the most are ones all about self-improvement, writing, and publishing.

My obsession with podcasts has even leaked over to my husband, Steven, who enjoys political podcasts (ew...but there's something for everyone!).

What is a podcast and why do I love it so much?

A podcast is much like an instructional YouTube video, just without the video. Each channel is typically focused around one objective, and allows you to listen to its content without feeling obligated to watch a video.

Although it’s like comparing apples to oranges, I would say that podcasts offer even better content than YouTube does.

*gasp* Treasonous I know, because it sounds like I’m collectively putting down all the instructional YouTube videos. But I’m not.

The great thing about podcasts is that there’s a saturated market for this content that YouTube hasn’t quite caught up to -- at least in terms of self-improvement, self-publishing, and business tips. And that’s just my opinion, I’m sure it’s a debatable topic.

I have learned so much since I started listening to podcasts, and I wanted to give you all my top recommendations to get you started.

Shameless plug here: I now have my own podcast! Since writing this post, I've fallen so far in love with podcasts that I decided to make my own - The Happy Writing Podcast. Go give it a listen!

So here are my current favorite podcasts for improving your author business!

I know I just talked all about instructional podcasts, but I wanted to start with something a lot of us can benefit from, even those that don’t think they need it (myself included until a few weeks ago).

I’m motivated by hearing of other people’s successes, and then inspired by them detailing exactly what they did to get where they are.

Two that I really enjoy listening to are Chalene Johnson’s Build Your Tribe, and Lewis Howe’s The School of Greatness.

Both cast a wide net into the entrepreneur pool, with guests that made it big in anything from etsy to dog walking, or those that went on to become celebrities. Not only do they have business tips from these guests, but they also remind you how important mental and emotional self-care is while reaching for the crazy entrepreneurial stars.

Before you think someone who made it big by selling online courses can’t teach you anything, they also had to market what they were selling. Not only are their stories inspiring, but you can learn a thing or two about marketing while listening!

Sometimes I can fall into a negative mindset, so podcasts like these help me refocus my intentions and remind me to be a more gracious person.

Now to the nitty-gritty. I’m going to cover three different podcasts in this category, and tell you why I think they’ll help you with the business side of writing books.

First up is Amy Porterfield’s Online Marketing Made Easy. As her podcast title suggests, Amy covers any and all information related to marketing and building your business. Seriously, one of my absolute faves!

She has about 170 shows, so there’s plenty of information to keep you busy! Every time I scroll through her shows, I had another chunk to my playlist.

Jenna Kutcher’s The Goal Digger Podcast. Jenna has a great show on Pinterest that blew me away! I never thought of Pinterest as a search engine, and really only saw it as a social media platform.

I have some work to do now on my Pinterest page! She has tons of great shows on marketing and social media, so I highly recommend giving her a listen!

The Marie Forleo Podcast. If you’re looking for shorter, but effective episodes, look no further.

...I felt like a car salesman saying it like that.

While she does have longer episodes with guests, her original content is typically about 5-9 minutes long. Each one packs a punch, and I love spacing these out between the longer episodes from some of the other shows for a bit of a break. Marie’s podcast is business-centered, but looks at it from a mindset perspective.

At this point, I’m realizing I have a lot of female podcasters on this list…

I might need some recommendations from you guys to fix this!