5 Tips for Young Writers Seeking Success (and how to start developing your writing)

Since starting this website and my YouTube channel, I've realized that a large portion of my audience is under 18. (At least that's the demographic where most of my interactions come from...so there's probably a portion of my audience that's underrepresented on that front. I digress!)

This led to a realization that a young teenager's writing woes would be totally different than mine. So we're going to time warp (you aren't, I am, you just get to watch) to my middle school days so I can dig deep and give you some good advice.

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Ask any established author how long they've been writing. No really, go ask! Likely they're going to say since they were in grade school, be that elementary or middle school. They were avid readers from a young age and once they figured out that an actual human being wrote those books (we all have that realization...come on!) they wanted to become a writer.

I wrote my first book when I was in third grade and my mom illustrated it for me. We made the cover out of cardboard and strung together the inside pages. Was the story any good? I'm not a child prodigy, so it probably looked like something a third grader would do. But that's not the point. I had fun writing it and it's an awesome memory I have from my childhood.

Like so many things in life, starting something at a young age has its benefits. But it also has its challenges.

A lot of them.

When I was younger, doing things like writing or reading in school were super nerdy and no one thought it was cool. I don't know how it is nowadays but I hope things have gotten better for those of us with an inclination for words.

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