How to Eliminate Passive Voice From Your Writing

Almost a year ago I started making blog posts and YouTube videos to share my journey to publication and provide writing tips along the way.

Many of those posts were born out of necessity--they were things I’ve researched as I grew as a writer and figured I would share what I learned with you all.

There’s a never-ending pool of videos to do, partly because there’s things I’m still learning about writing.

I’ve learned three major things since beginning the beta process for my novel.

  1. I use too many filler words.

  2. My descriptions are lacking.

  3. I subconsciously love passive voice.

My writing problems benefit you, because after my betas informed me of these issues, I poured myself into research.

Today, we’ll talk about passive voice. This is something I had no idea I had a problem with. Zero. I kind of knew about the filler words, and I suspected my descriptions weren’t great. But passive voice very passively slapped me in the face.

Passive voice.

The devil’s voice, as far as I’m concerned.

I heard of this years ago: if you can tack on “by zombies” at the end of a sentence, then it’s in passive voice.

Example: The building was zombies.