How To Permanently Defeat Your Writer's Block (a formula anyone can follow)

Do any of these sound like you?

  • You're sitting at your desk and waiting for the words to come, but they just don't.

  • You may know how you want your story to end but you have no idea how to get there.

  • You think you're a pantser but can't actually seem to "pants" your novel.

  • The thought of a white screen terrifies you.

  • You think writer's block is just a thing you'll always have to deal with.

Sound like you? Then suit up! Put that armor on, grab your choice weapon and get ready to defeat writer's block once and for all!

Seems like a big promise right? Let me put to rest those doubts that are currently crawling around in your head.

There are those incredibly blessed people that can sit down and hammer out 2,000 words with little planning, but there are also the equally blessed people that can hammer out an entire story's outline in one day. While I didn't do my novel's outline in a single day, I think either approach to writing should be treated equally. If you're finding pantsing to be a difficult thing, or you've accepted the fact that writer's block is just a thing you have to deal with, then don't settle!

I'm going to layout exactly how to defeat that white screen dragon and finally get your novel onto the page!

That blinking vertical line freaks us all out in the beginning. The first step to defeating that anxiety is to change your perception of what that blank page really means. Henceforth I will call this white page "the white dragon."

Most of us fear the white dragon for one reason: the fear of being judged. We want every word that appears on the screen to be perfect, something we can send straight out to every publisher and get million dollar contracts on. If it's not million-dollar-contract worthy, you might yourself promptly erasing every sentence you manage to put on the screen.

But why do you feel you're being judged?