My Week-Long Hawaii Trip! (With Pictures)

This week.

Has been sssoooo long. And fast at the same time. Funny how that happens, isn't it?

If you watch my YouTube videos, you'll know that last week I had the pleasure of going to Hawaii for work. (Wooo!) Which meant I also got to be a tourist in the p.m. and on two of the weekend days. Unfortunately, my boyfriend couldn't come with me because of work, but I wanted to share with everyone all the adventures I had when I was there!

First off, the flight is long A.F! 20 hours. And of course I can never sleep on planes so it feels reaaallly long and I feel reeaallly tired.

And of course we were flying over there when all of that crazy blizzard weather was revving up so we had delays out the ying yang.

But obviously it's worth it by the time you get to Hawaii. It was 49 degrees Fahrenheit when we left Jacksonville, and it was 81 degrees Fahrenheit when we landed in Hawaii. Talk about tropical weather!

There's a five hour difference between here and there, which doesn't sound like that much, but boy does it take a toll! It took me all week to not wake up at 4 a.m. every morning and by then it was time to leave.

Sunday I got to climb Diamond Head and the view is absolutely amazing. I've posted the panorama from the top that I took, so just click on it to make it bigger! The hike only took me an hour to get to the top, and I'm glad none of my co-workers went with me...I was huffing and puffing. I'm waaay out of shape!

After that, I got to go to Duke's (on Sunday - shoutout to any Parrotheads!) and had to buy one of their t-shirts for my dad. I didn't take a picture of the beach right there because I'm crazy I was too busy enjoying everything. Had an awesome cocktail and enjoyed some deelicious nachos.

The pretty picture below was taken on a stone pier right by our hotel. I walked down to this beach a few times during the week and the view was always so pretty. I didn't get a picture of the sunset, but it's on my list for my next visit! I also spotted a sea turtle at this spot every time I walked out on the pier but the little booger was camera shy. I am going to get a picture of him next time!