Why I Decided to Self-Publish My Novel, The Elysian Prophecy

You've heard it before, but I've wanted to be a writer my entire life. From that fateful day when I realized that writing was an actual profession, I've dreamed of making a living telling stories.

But something was holding me back.

Publishing your novel was difficult. Instead of being a great challenge I wanted to overcome, I focused on my other passions - ones that were easier to attain. Querying, seeking an agent, trying to land a deal with a publisher, all of these things were too daunting for me.

So I labeled my passion for writing as a hobby and dreamed of the day I would get lucky and publish a novel.

I felt this way until a couple of years ago when I learned what exactly self-publishing was. I had heard of it before but still dreamed of landing a huge contract with a big publishing firm. I still read books on how to improve my writing, but never considered self-publishing as a comparable method of getting my book out there.

But the topic kept popping up. I was reading of more and more writers who were making a living off of self-publishing their books, and earning a higher royalty than they would with traditional publishing.

This piqued my interest until a year ago, when I realized that I really could publish my own novel. I didn't have to wait to get lucky in the publishing world. I could do it right now and say that I'm an author.

Fast-forward a year and I'm well on my way to not just publishing my own novel, but publishing it well. For an incredibly impatient person, I've done well at putting on the brakes. I've stopped to take the time to market myself as a writer and get the word out about my book. I'm making sure that my book is the best it can be before I put it out there - cover, editing, layout.

Since I aim to do this for a living one day, I took the bull by the horns and forced myself to do what I needed to be successful (including making my YouTube channel, something I was very nervous about). I've learned so much in the last year and can't wait to learn more about the industry!

Which finally brings me to my topic for this week: reasons why self-publishing finally decided I was right for it (not the other way around).