How to Outline Your Novel (Updated)

I'm outrageously passionate about outlining.

That doesn't mean I necessarily love the entire process, as just with any part of the writing process, it can get a bit tricky to string together a cohesive story from a bunch of random ideas.

But I love researching plot structure. I love looking into what makes us, as humans, love to read stories.

I'm constantly looking into different outlining methods, and trying my best to understand what makes a great story great. Because of that, I've decided to "re-do" my previous outlining post and video.

Mostly because my process has changed since then, but also because my previous video's quality was terrible. Cringeworthy. As in, I'm tempted to delete it because it's so bad!

I’ve learned a lot in the two years since that video, so I want to share those things with you and hopefully help you in your own outlining process.

Also, this video comes at a good time because NaNoWriMo is just around the corner. If you’re participating, make sure to add me as a friend so we can stalk each other! (I'm VivReis on NaNo)

Let’s jump into it!

Quick note: I broke this post into two videos, so if you'd rather watch this content instead of read it, don't forget to scroll down and check out that other video!

For first novels in a series, this stage usually begins passively. You’re brushing your teeth and you have a crazy idea for a story, or you have a unique dream that would make a good story (usually what happens to me).

Once the idea plants itself in your noggin, it’s time to actively brainstorm.