Quarter 3 Wrap-up & Quarter 4 Goals

It's that time of year again!

Time for me to suck it up and tell you guys exactly how I did.

Spoiler: I met 7 of my 14 goals this quarter. That’s a 50% F.


Next year I'm actually going to start doing bi-monthly goals, something my writing friend Kristen Martin does. Quarterly goals might be too long a time period for me right now, so I'm going to try to change it up and see if that works better!

As always, you can watch my video if you'd prefer to see how horrible I am at finding decent lighting.

Really it's just because I filmed this while the hurricane was bearing down on FL. Don't worry, I'm now safely visiting my parents all the way in Niceville, FL where the sun is shining brightly!

Hopefully our house is still standing when we get back home.

  1. Finish first draft. ❌

Nope. I still have those few lingering scenes at the end to write and it tickles me I haven’t done it yet. Why? I started over editing from the beginning because in the POV switch confusion, my manuscript was getting too jumbled.

  1. Send book to betas and incorporate edits. ❌

I set myself up for failure on this one by not splitting this up into two tasks. I’ve started to send my manuscript off to betas, so this one is still in process.