How to Win NaNoWriMo This Year

Some people don’t like NaNoWriMo because it doesn’t breed good daily writing habits. It’s a 50,000 word race to the finish line but most people can’t sustain that past that one month mark.

But then there’s the rest of us who love that a chunk of our novel is churned out super fast.

This is called fast drafting, and you may be a fast-drafter deep down and not know it yet.

That’s why I advocate for everyone trying NaNoWriMo, even if you’re convinced it’s not for you. Fast drafting is exactly what it sounds like: writing your novel as fast as you can without pausing to edit or tweak your story. Writers who enjoy this can be both plotters (outliners) or pantsers (sans outline), so it’s important to try it out!

Check out my YouTube video on this topic if your eyes are feeling tired :)

I’ve covered why I think everyone should give NaNo a whirl, and I’m still a believer in that thought.

Last year I participated in both the July Camp NaNo (which a 50k word goal) and the actual November NaNo event and won both of them.

That’s 100k words in two months! You can see why I was so upset when I realized I wasn’t going to meet my deadline this year.

And in the months between and after those NaNo events...I only managed to bring that word count up another 40k in 14 months. I write far more fast-drafting than I do with consistent writing.

So whether this is your first time or your eighth time participating in NaNo, I’m going to go over exactly how I won twice!