Self-Imposed Deadlines to Increase Writing Productivity

About a month ago my husband and I started reading The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg and one chapter into the book I realized how great this book’s content would be for writers.

I’ll be going into depth more in the future about this book and how it could benefit writers.

For now, let’s talk about the habit of writing and utilizing self-imposed deadlines.

First, let’s discuss why I’m using the term “self-imposed.”

If someone you paid, or if someone who is responsible for paying you, isn’t waiting on you to finish your book, then your deadline is self-imposed.

Deadlines and I have a pretty rocky history. And as I was reading The Power of Habit, I wanted to analyze why exactly deadlines and I don’t get along.

This is true. But I also use it as a crutch to not stay on target sometimes. Instead of sitting down everyday, I think, “I’ll be so much more productive with my time and be able to get SO MUCH MORE done later, just not right now.”

And then I say that every day until it’s the day before the deadline.

Even if that statement is true for you, you’re causing yourself too much stress.

It’s not healthy.

Yes, I’m ecstatic I was able to write 25k words in three days, but I was STRESSED OUT